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HAKEEM QAZI ZAFEER UL HAQ ALVI CHISHTI was a legend teacher of Osia High School Murree and later a World fame herbal doctor of Rawalpindi. He belonged to Union Council Birote’s northern last end i.e. Basian and Qureshi Tribe of Circle Bakote. His father Mian Mohammed Zaman was a sofi and also a herbal doctor of Birote Khurd. His family migrated to Basian in 1935 where he spent his 16 years and then migrated to Rawalpindi permanently. Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti was elder in all his children.

His career as teacher
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti born in 1912 at his residence in Chalattan, Birote Khurd and spent his childhood there. He studied religious books as Holy Quraan, Hadeeth, Persian wisdom and poetry book from his father Mian Mohammed Zaman and enrolled in Vernacular Primary School Birote in 1922. He passed his middle school examination from Osea and joined as Arabic teacher in Punjab Education Department. He also taught his students in Bhaker and Murree since 2.5 decades. 
Bregd (r) Taj Abbasi

Mohammed Khaqan Abbasi
Pak Army senior officer and Senior Minister in Ex PM Mohammed Khan Junejo Cabinet
 (1985) was Qazi Sahib student. He expired in Rawalpindi explosion in 1988.
His migration to Rawalpindi
He migrated Rawalpindi permanently in 1950 and lived there rest of life. His parents were also with him along his five brothers. His father Mian Mohammed Zaman and mother died in Rawalpindi and buried in Chah Sultan cemetery in Rawalpindi. His younger brother Mufti sb also stayed in his ultimate doreless as well as windowless home at his parent’s graveyard.

His career as Herbal Doctor
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti adopted his family part time profession of herbal medicine profession but his teacher Hakeem Abdur Rahman minted him as full time practitioner in deferent time. He started his clinic with title JADEED CHISHTEADWAKHANA at Pull Shah Nazar, Rawalpindi. This clinic was a sitting room of intellectuals as Hafeez Jalindhri, Prof. Karam Haidri and other journalist and lawyers. He won global fame when former Pakistani President Gen. Zea ul Haq appointed his personal physician in 1978.

His Metrimonials
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti wedded twice, first in 1945 with daughter of his meternal uncle Molana Abdul Aziz Qureshi. She breathed her last in 1950 and then he married with his maternal aunty Hanifa Jahan Qureshi wife of Syed Fazal Husain Shah Mashadi, named Sidiqa Khanum in 1951.
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti brothers in law (2nd wife)
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti sisteers in law
His Decendants
Qazi Zafeer Ul Haq Alvi Chishti have one son late Qazi Anwar ul Haq and two daughters by first wife and five sons Qazi Zea ul Haq, Qazi Iaam ul Haq, Qazi Ikram ul Haq and Qazi Ahtsham ul Haq and seven daughter from the last better half. Qazi Anwar ul Haq, Qazi Ikram ul Haq and Qazi Ahtsham ul Haq are authentic and recognized herbal doctors (HAKEEMS) by the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR TIBB.

His last 10 years
His elder son Qazi Anwar ul Haq breathed his last in 1987 and beloved wife expired in 1990 that caused him weakest every and each day of his remaining life. His other social activities had become limited. He shifted his clinic at his residence and become calm. In 1997, minor heart attacks blow off the candle of his life. He buried in Eid Gah graveyard in Rawalpindi.